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Not only does the camera capture images, it captures memories that would otherwise be lost forever. I am passionate about the visual arts. As a full time high school photography and ceramics teacher, I use photography as an outlet and a chance for personal expression. I do wish to pursue photography full time when I grow up and retire from education. Until that day, I intend to keep my eyes sharp and keep my camera clicking.

Because of the newness of the medium, photographers continue to strive to have photography be viewed as a valid form of art. In the day and age of digital photography, there is no shortage for photographers willing to shoot for others. I bring knowledge of fine art, design, and traditional silver based photography to each shoot. Portrait photography is more sensitively approached than any other photographic arts. Portraits bridge the gap between what we think we look like, the way others perceive us, and our actual appearance. Knowing how to bridge this gap is a skill that is found only through experience. The goal for my photographs is to capture images that really embody the essence of the individual.

I am happy to be your photographer in whatever way I can. Senior portraits, weddings, and family portraits are all venues that I enjoy. I work closely with my subjects, striving to see and materialize their vision.


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